Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Endothermic Reaction

The "War of Attrition" that the Capitals waged so effectively earlier in the season has degenerated into the "Chore of Addition" as they struggle to find chemistry with the players that are returning from injuries.

Against the Oilers, they looked disorganized and disjointed. The special of the night was turnovers, and that was served with a generous helping of perimeter shots that had no threat of going into the net. The way they've played for the last week, you'd think they were trying to win the shot clock total rather than the goal total.

It was the first game this year that I thought was a stinker.

There's precious little time to turn things around with a game against a rival on the road (and the back end of consecutive games). A much tighter defensive effort (ahem.... Karl and Juice) is gonna be needed to keep the slide from turning into a free-fall.

Back to the little things, guys. Like beating the Pens.

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