Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Eastern Conference Forcast

Call it a blessing, or call it a curse, but the fact that the Capitals play in the much maligned Southeast Division means that this team has an express lane to one of the first two seeds for the playoffs this year.

I've resisted, and on many occasions, resented the derisive mocking that NHL fans have heaped on the so called "South-Least" division, but as I look ahead to the approaching season... it's time to give up the ghost. The rest of this division stinks.

So, as the Caps sprint away from the pack like Usain Bolt, they'll be contested for the #1 spot by the Montreal Canadiens (eh?) of the Northeast. The Hab's will likely float above the fray while their second tier division mates squabble amongst themselves for the second divisional spot.

Which leaves the real humdinger of a division in the Eastern Conference. The Atlantic. This murderers row of goalies and bruisers (Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, NY Rangers, NJ Devils, NY Islanders) will hopefully pummel their own selves into powder before a winner finally limps out to accept the 3 seed in the conference.

So basically, whether or not the Caps are the best team in the East, they may very well still be sitting on top at the end of the season. Let's Go Caps!

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