Monday, October 20, 2008

Go West Young Team

Inter-league play in baseball doesn't get underway until mid-season, but it's cranked up to full swing already in this early NHL campaign. With five games played, the Caps have already dispatched two Western Conference contestants, and are slated to cast their fortunes against three more this week.

Of the upcoming roadies against the Flames, 'Yotes, and Stars, the matchup that most grabs my attention most is the first game against Calgary. I see this Flame's team as an exciting up-and-down team that has enough veteran experience and star power to provide an excellent barometer for how far the Caps have progressed in their ascent to respectability.

Phaneuf, Iginila and Kiprusoff command enough respect on their own, but (like the Caps) their secondary cast of characters is above average and could make an impact. Add to that the fact that this team as starved for points, and I'd say our boys are in for a dogfight.

Tom Poti's injury forced the Caps to recall Karl Alz... errrr... Sami Lepis.... errr.... Tyler Sloan from Hersey. Yeah, umm Tyler Sloan. That's the one. Three things about this recall actually make sense. He's both huge (6'4) and mature (27 years old), plus, he's a Calgary guy (like Mike Green) and should rise up to play in his own hometown, and, on top of that, this will be his NHL (regular season) debut. I'm thinking this guy is gonna be pretty fired up.

Give 'em hell Caps, and we'll be waiting here at home to exchange the "C" of red with the "sea of red".

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