Sunday, October 19, 2008

Teens Not Keen

Attention Capitals players: If you are wearing a jersey with a number in the teens, please see me after class to discuss your impact in the game against the Devils.

C'mon guys, we're counting on your skills to make a difference this season. You can't all disappear at the same time!

Having said that, both teams played a very strong game. As a fan, I've been more than pleased that the early-season sloppiness that we've become conditioned to expect in the past is largely absent this year. What hasn't been absent is the home crowd at Cap's games. The difference between October '07 and '08 is gratifying.

Big "ups" to Brent Johnson for the best Caps goaltending performance in this young season, and to Alex Semin for his continued dominance. Federov is also starting to win me over as a "D" man with his puck moving skills.

Alex Ovechkin was held to only "glimpses of greatness" but almost no offensive impact. If history is any indication when it comes to situations like this, God help the Calgary Flames on Tuesday, because OV will stew about this game until he has a chance to rectify the situation on the ice.

Even without GR8's contribution, these Caps were able to mount a comeback for a miraculous 4th time in 5 games! (even though it didn't hold up in Atlanta) That, to me, is ridiculously amazing. You have to give these guys a puncher's chance to win on any night under any circumstances. And when they iron out the kinks in the goaltending/defensive dynamic...

The sky is the limit.

Much respect for the Devils for an impressive road win. Perhaps the favor will be returned in November.

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