Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fore-check, Back-check, Gut Check.

Caps show a little intestinal fortitude and again rally on the road to dispatch the hated Pens. More opinion to follow (stupid work... gets in the way).


Anonymous said...

Okay with all of this hub bub about Malkin and Ovechkin it got me to thinking...What if Malkin were a Cap instead of Ovechkin? There was a lot of debate that year if I remember about who would go #1 overall. I would certainly say that GM GM made the right choice on that one and more in terms of personality than anything that happens on the ice. I think he got it right there too but more for the off the ice stuff.

Nation's Capital said...

I'd love Malkin as a Cap. I already respect him, and that's saying a lot considering how much I hate the Pens.
But GM GM made an excellent choice.