Sunday, December 14, 2008

Full Court Press

Was that a playoff game against Montreal? It sure was contested like one. Very much like they did against Boston, the Caps found success by relentlessly pressuring the puck-carrier from one end of the ice to the other. Montreal couldn't find a groove to work with until late in the game.

The pressure didn't relent any when the team was shorthanded either. (OK, I can't be quiet. Does Bill McCreary hate the Capitals? Maybe familiarity breeds contempt, but every time a ref makes me want to detonate, it's always one of the dinosaurs like McCreary, Koharski, or Devorski.) Umm, yeah the pressure. I love the aggressive "come out and get you" style that Bruce has them playing on the PK. I think the "hang back and take away passing lanes" approach is bad for the psyche. Especially when you're facing a power play from Montreal that is flat-out broken.

Congrats to Simeon Varmalov, errr Varlamov (not only was Locker flubbing it, but Lisa Hillary was butchering it in the post game- to the point she stopped even trying to say it). It did take a while for him to be tested to the degree that I could see what he was made of, but they said he was aggressive, and they were right. I like aggressive. That's why I love Bruce. Fearless.

In a sport where courage is mandatory, it's worth noting that courage and fearlessness are not the same.


CapsKremlin said...

call me crazy...I think Varlamov is one of the most important prospects in Capitals history.

Michael Eason said...

Considering what position he plays... I REALLY hope you're right. I'm sure you're basing that on how things are starting to gel with the skaters.

CapsKremlin said...

Well I think this because

#1: He's a goalie
#2: He's the future of Capitals Goaltending
#3: The Capitals have squandered past goalie prospects
#4: He's Russian
#5: We have tons of Russians
#6: We will likely attract lots of Russians
#7: Russians like it here (see Feds)
#8: He can be bred into our style (not implemented like Theo)

Usually Frustrated Caps Fan said...

Whatever - winning back to backs and beating both Boston and Montreal is just great for a December. Let's hope the injuries aren't too bad ....