Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh Gee! OV in OT!

Alex nearly sealed the deal with a double post ringer, but wouldn't get double crossed the next time.

In a game that was more interesting than it should've been, here's a few quick post-game observations.

  • Mike Green skates around defenders like they're pylons. It seems like he might be becoming contagious too 'cuz I saw Tom Poti do it tonight as well.
  • Garbage goals rule the night for both teams (with the exception of OV's first goal). But, as I'm fond of saying, garbage goals are worth one- just like pretty goals.
  • Speaking of pretty goals, Joey MacDonald was grumbling "Son Of a Bitch" after The SOB line cashed in on Semin's sick behind-the-back pass to left wing.
  • Boudreau didn't just shuffle lines and "D" on Tuesday- he put them in the blender and whirled them. I guess chemistry isn't as big a deal when you've been through the kind of shakeups the team has seen this year (but please don't split the top line up!)
  • Boyd Gordon has apparently decided to attack the net- and got results.
  • Never, under any circumstances, can Karl Alzner be allowed out of the NHL. Aside from his solid play, suddenly the Juice is loose!
  • Matt Bradley = punching bag.
  • Jon Sim must die. He kills us every time we play him.
I guess the Caps relaxed a bit in the third period, and Brent Johnson was less acrobatic than his last few games (no shocker), but in the end- Alex the Gr8 saved the day.

For all the rancor on the other blogs about who the team MVP is... I give you exhibit AO.

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