Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Undoin' the Bruins

Opportunity knocks. Guys named Alex who play in Washington answer. Can we officially begin the campaign to trade for every player named Alexander in the league? Ovechkin, Semin, Giroux (ok, technically the last guy is Alexandre, but who's splitting hairs).

It was so refreshing to see Semin in the lineup as well as Poti (even though I did think he coulda poked the Lucic goal out of harm's way). Those guys made a big difference as the Caps found themselves needing to play a possession game to diffuse an especially hot Bruins team.

This was a huge and unexpected victory for the locals, and it only serves to re-confirm that the Caps have enough hockey horsepower to gallop with any team in the league.

One point of concern however is the health of (let's all just go ahead and admit it) number one goalie Brent Johnson. Without his acrobatics against Boston there would clearly have been different results and we all hope he springs back to form.

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