Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bruins are Brewin'

Who knew the Bruins were this good? Being a Caps fan, when I think of Boston I think of Tim Thomas getting pulled twice in the same game in a ten goal barrage and Shane Hnidy getting abused by Donald Brashear. (seriously, look it up again at youtube, in retrospect it's hilarious)

Next thing ya know, Boston is on a tear and facing off against our beloved Capitals. Any great coach, if pressed will admit that its good to pick up whatever points you can when the odds are against you and you're trying to get things right. Even if half the guys that've been missing come back for the next game, let's face it, they're still a team that'll be trying to get it right. So far, the results have been pretty good, but I'll be rooting extra hard for a win against Boston.

Yeah, I hate Pittsburgh and Philly more, but the Bruins are a solid number three in my book. Besides that, these Caps can claim more than just the #3 playoff seed when this whole thing is said and done. Any ground they could make up in the conference would be critical. How nice would it be to put Boston on ice with this band of ragtag misfits? Let's go Caps!

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